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Being able to play an instrument with which you can express your creativity and create art is truly one of the most wonderful things. Nourishing this skill can really enhance the quality of your life and everyone involved in it. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that nowCedarpines Park

ys many people strive towards enriching their daily lives. For this, you would have to have an instrument at home. In this way, you will be able to practice playing it whenever you wish for it. Some musical instruments are quite common in homes, such as guitar or a flute. Other instruments, like pianos, are not that often seen. One of the reasons is that they are bulky and difficult to transport. However, for piano movers East York, ON from J And J Moving Company, this is a piece of a cake. Considering the fact that pianos are very expensive, as well as delicate musical instrument, you will need someone who has had experience with dealing with them. Look no more, because piano movers East York, ON is exactly the team you are looking for.

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Our company has moved thousands of upright pianos, grand pianos and organs of all shapes and sizes for the residential moving customers, churches, music dealers, and schools. Whether you are moving locally, across the continent, or around the world, all the necessary precautions will be taken to ensure safe arrival. We challenge any piano moving company to offer a more professional service.

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As you know now, we have moved thousands of different types of pianos of various sizes and shapes. This classifies us as true experts in this field. Therefore, when piano movers East York, ON arrive at your home, they will be sure to look for the easiest path to remove your piano and then prepare their route using clean rubber floor runners to protect all wood, ceramic and carpet floors.

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Just like with packing fragile items, your piano requires a special approach and an appropriate technique. We simply do not leave anything to chances. We want to make sure that you will receive the top-quality service you are looking for. Expect nothing less from us. Among many other things we will make sure to:

Quickly inspect your piano for any damages prior to the move and bring these to attention. We want all to be transparent as we carry no hidden intentions.

Our movers will then place pads on your piano and securely tape it. In this way, we will secure the whole piano even better. This will minimalize the chances of your piano getting harmed during transportation in a moving vehicle.

If any piece needs to be removed from the unit, like in the case of a baby grand piano, it will be separately padded before being loaded into the truck.

We’ll place and secure your piano on special piano moving equipment before transporting it into our truck for safe travel. We will drape it with two more pads and we will double ratchet strap it to the interior for security.

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